1) GIVE - You can donate via the links for Square, YouCaring, Venmo, PayPal and/or personal check.  We have also designed a beautiful, 500 piece puzzle. For all donations above $20, we will write your name on the back of one of the puzzle pieces. When completed, both sides of the puzzle will be framed in glass and hung in the nursery as a keepsake. We'll always keep the puzzle as a way of telling our story, and to show our child each and every person's name who had a hand in bringing him or her home!


2) SHARE - If you can't make a financial donation, that's okay! Either way, it would be an incredible blessing to us if you would share this link with your social network and/or family and friends via email. #MORROWSADOPT

3) COFFEE - We are excited to have partnered with Just Love Coffee to raise adoption funds through purchases of coffee through our link below. We receive around $5.00 for each bag that is purchased through this link. Some things we love about this coffee: it's super yummy, it's fair trade - ethically grown and harvested...which we always want to support, AND they offer organic beans! It makes a great option for gifts, every-day coffee, hospitality coffee for businesses, or coffee to brew for church congregations each week. They ship in bulk as well! Thank you for helping us "fill our cup"!

4) Jewelry, Accessories, Home Decor - Erin serves as a Compassionate Entrepreneur with an amazing company called Trades of Hope. Through the fair trade sales of beautiful, handmade jewelry, accessories, and home decor, women artisans around the world are able to be employed in a dignified way, allowing them to be lifted out of poverty and extremely hard situations. A woman that Trades of Hope works with in Haiti was actually able to KEEP her baby instead of having to resort to putting her baby up for adoption to keep her alive and healthy, by being employed as an artisan with Trades of Hope! That is incredible, folks!

25% of the sales go toward our adoption, while an additional 10% of sales is donated toward sustainable solutions for women in developing countries, such as providing them with chicks for their family, a bike for a girl in Cambodia, a water wheel to transport water for a woman in Africa instead of risking neck or spine injury carrying heavy loads on their heads, or a year of schooling for a child! How amazing is that? So many good things through the simple sales of these goods. Thank you for browsing and shopping in a way that makes a world of difference!

5) PRAY - We are praying diligently and would be honored if you would simply stand with us in agreement. Please pray for the health and well-being of the birth mother and child throughout the pregnancy (if our child is yet to be born) and beyond. Pray that the birth mother and birth father would be surrounded by positive, healthy influences, and would have support throughout their life. Pray for our child as they wait for us in the orphanage. Pray that they would attach to their care-givers and friends (as this gives them a better chance to successfully attach to us and have healthy future relationships), and that it would be as uplifting a place for them, as an orphanage can be.  Pray for an adoption free of complications. And lastly, we ask you to pray that more and more parents across our world choose life and that God provides loving families to raise them (whether it be birth families or adoptive families).

We are so excited to add to our family through the blessing of adoption. Thank you for being a part of this journey with us!!


Zawadi, erin & Cohen