We Received Two Grants

We were just casually checking the mailbox, when we got a letter from ShowHope Adoption Grant Ministry notifying us that we were selected to be the recipients of a $5,000 adoption grant! This came on the heels of an email from God's Grace Adoption Ministry awarding us a $1,000 matching grant! We are thrilled and thankful beyond words! We have turned the corner, and now have raised more than we have yet to raise. We are now focusing on raising the remaining $13,000 to bring home our son or daughter! We could be matched as soon as THIS MONTH! Whhhhaaat?! 

Christmas Adoption Update

YOU GUYS!!! You have helped us soar straight past our first goal of $8,600... we are now at $12,060! The combined donations from all of you have helped us not only reach our first goal so that we can apply to our adoption agency and begin our homestudy, but to surpass the goal and be continuing toward funding the next steps of our adoption (submitting paperwork to China)! What amazing generosity! How completely blessed and supported we feel! I spoke with the adoption agency yesterday, and they mentioned that they have more children coming into the orphanage that they work with, than adoptive families to take them. Due to this, they were especially excited to hear that we are going to apply soon. Thank you all so much! This is such a display of love from you all. We can't wait to share more updates with you, as we continue in fundraising and working toward bringing our child home!

Epic Yard Sale 4 Adoption

On June 17-18, 2016, we filled our yard to the brim with items to sell at our "Epic Yard Sale 4 Adoption". Erin researched most successful yard sales, and then planned this event, advertised, and coordinated donations for months to prepare for the big weekend! Her amazing mom even flew out from NC to be there to help (being here for her grandson's 1st birthday was the "icing on the cake" for her)! The Thursday before the sale, Erin and her mom spent all day organizing and pricing donated items and displaying them nicely in the yard. The unbelievable amount of items was donated by friends, family, church, and community around us. We are so grateful! We also planned a bake sale with complementary beverages at a table as people walked into the yard. Friday was sunny and beautiful, and the hard work on our huge, neon orange signs did the trick, as people began pouring in to the sale. Erin's mom ran the "Jewelry Table", while Erin and Zawadi ran the Bake Sale table and rang customers up as they walked away with their "treasures". It was a very successful day! We wore tags around our necks that said "Mom", "Dad", and "G'ma", so that shoppers could identify the adoptive family. Saturday was cloudy and then it began to rain. We were a little discouraged that people wouldn't want to shop. Although it was slower than Friday, people still came steadily. We eventually had to move our living room furniture into the garage and move the yardsale into our living room, due to the rain! It was fun to have friends and family rallying around is in support, and even though Saturday's weather was dreary, the grand total for the weekend Epic Yard Sale 4 Adoption was a whopping $1,560!!!! So awesome! We counted several times because we couldn't believe it! We donated left-over items to a young mother who needed baby supplies for her newborn, a single-parents' free shopping event, and a thrift store that raises money for cancer research in honor of their 11-year old son who passed away due to cancer. We were so humbled by the way people supported us in this event, and were honored to be able to support some others in our community as well!